Surfs up and sunbathing

Did you know Portugal is one of the great places on the planet earth to learn how to surf? Well, you do now!

The many small local beaches along the Lisbon cost are ideal for each type of surfer. From the beginners up to the pros. We offer surf classes for all levels of surfers. This particular package is for those who would like to learn how to surf to then after the morning surf class drop down on to the sand and work on the Portuguese tan with the great company of the international tanning community.


  1. Pick up at the Hostel
  2. Drive to the beach that has the waves we are looking for
  3. Surf class
  4. Some practicing what we learned without looking as if we are drowning
  5. Serious tanning session
  6. Trip back to the Hostel

How to book and conditions?

  1. Send an e-mail to:
  2. Subject to availability
  3. Location of class may vary per day
  4. Groups may have specific conditions
  5. All material included